William Jackson

Founder of SkillfulMeans
Hi! I am a psychologist former Buddhist monk and founder of SkillfulMeans. I am also a normal person. Feel free to reach out to chat about anything!

Hi I am William Jackson

Hi Everyone, My name is William and I am a psychologist, meditation teacher, writer, and founder of Skillful Means. 

I have devoted my life to sharing mindfulness practices in many forms and creating community to support the integration of those practices. Enjoy!
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Guided Meditation: Mindfulness Warm-Up

Where to start...

Alot of people practice meditation because they think it is good for them or it felt good once. Their doctor told them it is good for stress or anxiety or they did it at then end of Shavasana in yoga class. 

If you are not really clear about why you are practicing you are never going to keep it up long enough to see the benefits. 

Here is a tip: 

In traditional Buddhism one follows the 4 Noble Truths as the first practice. The first Noble to Truth is that suffering exists. That is not some existential idea. That is your suffering and not the suffering that you can't do anything about but the suffering you are creating but the way you are responding to yourself and the world. 

The second is the root of suffering. That is ignorance. Not some existential ignorance but your ignorance of something. What are you ignoring that is creating your suffering. Those answers are sometimes hard to come by. But if you sit really quietly and really still it gets a little bit clearer. Then all of the sudden meditation become very practical and relevant.

If you do that long enough you will find the other two noble truths for yourself.
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The core technique of samatha vipassana



This community is focused on sharing the best of what meditation has to offer. Feel free to share a personal insight you have had in meditation or about meditation that you feel would be helpful for other people to hear. 

Happy Meditations!

Dr. William Jackson
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